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Melodie's Bio

About Mel

Melodie Hand

Nail Specialist/Technician
Aromatherapy/Herbal Consultant

25 Years Experience (licensed since 1989)
Specializing in natural nail care & diabetic/special needs pedicures.







  • Licensed as a Nail Tech in 1989
  • Worked with professional photographers in doing nails for hand models for 2 years.
  • Owned Nail Salon in FL for 10 years
  • Educator for an electric file distributor for 1 year
  • Educator for leading manufacturer for 3 years.
  • Experience and education in the medical field.
  • Chocolatier/Owner of The Chocolate Works & More!!
  • Make-Up Artist for 20+ years.


About Your Nail Tech
Melodie Hand

I went to Grand Finale Beauty School (located in Tampa, FL) in 1989 and was licensed as a Nail Specialist in the same year.  In my first year out of school I provided nail enhancement services to several local hand models for their photo shoots.


In 1991 I opened my first nails only salon.  While operating "Head to Toe" I was also manufacturing my own line of bath and body products that were both used and retailed in the salon.  "Head to Toe" was in business until 2001 when I closed the salon to pursue other career options in the medical field.  In the late 90's I went back to school and obtained a degree in Echocardiography and began studying herbal medicine.


In the 1990’s I also worked as an educator for a leading product manufacturer.  During this time I taught classes on the following subjects in both beauty schools and salons: product knowledge, product application, proper use and care of an 
electric file, customer service, spa type natural nail services, retailing, and more.
  In addition, I also served as a demonstrator and instructor at many trade shows.


I have owned my own chocolate business since 2003.  We are still in operation providing custom gourmet handmade chocolates that are made in our own private kitchen.  Our specialties are custom promotional products for various businesses, truffles, and wedding favors.  The experience Ive gained from working in the food and medical industries has made me even more aware of the importance of excellent sanitary practices.  


I pay close attention to detail and sanitation.  Being a perfectionist, my clients can be well assured the services they receive are top notch.


Before going to school for nails, I was offering my services as a Make-Up Artist.    I received instruction for professional makeup application from various sources that started in my teens through my own personal beauty professional.  After attending several modeling instructional courses (which always included instruction on stage and photography makeup application) I started offering my services to other teenage models in the area.  Ultimately I ended up doing makeup for many clients' photo sessions.  I have always had a love of makeup and colors so this just seemed to be a natural progression for me.  I have worked with a large variety of professional and household brands of cosmetics.  I am just as much a perfectionist with my makeup application as I am with my nail services.



Published in:

  • 2007 - NAILS Magazine published an article about Melodie and son's Chocolate Business (The Chocolate Works & More).  Each month the magazine features a nail tech in their "My Other Life" section.....May 2007 was the month they featured Melodie with the chocolate business.
  • 2007 - We're in NAILS Magazine's April issue.  I was interviewed for an article that was published in the April issue of a leading trade publication.  They even featured photos of my treatment area.  The article was about working with a Double Station.  A copy is available for reading at the salon.  :-)
  • Guest Blogger on NAILS Magazine's Blog - Blueprint of a First Year
  • 2010 - NAILS Magazine - November Issue pg. 24
  • 2010 - The Clayton News Star - local newspaper published an article about our salon.
  • 2011 - NAILS Magazine January Issue.  Melodie wrote an article on "Networking to Grow Your Business" that was published in this issue.  Also in this issue was mention of The Chocolate Works (Melodie's chocolate business).
  • 2013 - NAILS Magazine January Issue - Article "A Fitting Occupation" is about Melodie's Bra Fit business at the salon.
  • 2013 NAILS Magazine January Issue - Article Melodie contributed to giving unique marketing ideas that she has used to grow her business.
  • There are others but we have not had a chance to get them posted.  Coming soon!!



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