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Caring For Your Feet Between Pedicures

At Home Care Instructions — Pedicure


In order to maintain your pedicure it is important to

follow the simple steps below!


1. Schedule regular pedicures—every 4-6 weeks.

2. Moisturize your feet often.

3. Do not cut toenails too short.

4. When cutting nails, cut straight across 
without cutting down into the corners.

5. Always dry feet thoroughly when getting out of the bath or shower (particularly 
between the toes).

6. Use the recommended scrub to remove build up of dead skin cells from your feet at least once per week.

7. Do not file excessively on calluses.  Do not use a blade to cut calluses off your feet.

8. Use a foot powder in your shoes to help 
absorb moisture and perspiration.

9. Wear proper fitting shoes.

10. Call your nail specialist if you have any questions. 


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