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Choosing A Salon/Tech

How To Choose A Quality Nail Salon


See below for information on selecting a quality nail service provider.  Choosing a quality salon and service provider is important to the health of your nails, hands and feet.

 Know what your nail specialist is doing to your nails!!!

Stay Informed…….Get Educated about your nails!!!


1. Is the Salon and its stations Clean?  Your nail specialist should be utilizing proper sanitation and disinfection practices.  Both the client and the specialist’s hands should be sanitized before beginning any service.  The table mat and towel should be clean.  All instruments used in the service should have been disinfected properly.  Ask your nail specialist how the instruments are disinfected.

2. Single Use Disposables - Are you paying attention to what is being done with files, toe separators, sanding bands, and pedi slippers?  All of these items are DISPOSABLE!!  State board regulations do not allow any of these items to be reused.  They are porous and therefore should be disposed of after each use.  A new one should be used on each client.  If the tech "knocks" the dust off a file and puts it in a drawer (spraying it or not) then they are using a used file on you...this is one way Hep B and MRSA both can be spread in the salon.

3. Salon PricingDo you know what your service includes?  Some 
salons charge “A-La-Carte”.  Be sure you know what you are getting before the service begins.

4. Service Explanation—Do you understand what service you are 
  Did the nail specialist explain and describe the service you are scheduled for?  Is it what you were expecting?  Did your nail specialist do a “Pre-Service Analysis” to determine what service is best for your hands and situation?  Did you receive an explanation of how to care for your nails at home?

5. Is the salon and your nail specialist licensed?  There should be a Salon License displayed on the wall.  In addition, your nail specialist should have a license displayed in the area of the nail station.  If you do not see one, ask to see documentation.

6. Is there a strong odor present in the salon?  Although there is an odor associated with certain enhancement services, this odor should NOT be overpowering.  Overpowering odor is indicative of an inadequate ventilation system in the salon or improper products. 

7. Is an Electric Nail File used?  While electric files are not harmful when properly used, they can cause serious damage if the nail specialist is not properly trained.  You should never feel any pain or burning when an electric file is being used.  If you should feel any discomfort, let your nail specialist know immediately. 

8. Is the salon using professional products?  Don’t be afraid to ask your nail specialist what products are being used and why.   Are all the containers labeled properly and in original containers?  Ask if your nail specialist is using a product containing MMA—if the answer is yes, get up and leave.

9. Customer Service—Your nail specialist should be concerned about your happiness and safety.  If you are unhappy with something let your nail specialist know about it.  You should never feel rushed or “herded” through (being on time for your appointments will help avoid this feeling).



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